Able CityAble City

Able City was founded on a principle of shared value -- an understanding that to respond to the needs of the community, our team's skills and interests must evolve alongside them. We must grow together, and hold ourselves accountable to doing so.

The rubrics provided by the Council on Inclusive Capitilism and the UN's Sustainable Development Goals have provided helpful categories for these changes, organizing goals as they pertain to four corners: planet, people, prosperity, and principles of governance. These have helped us build.

The 40+ commitments you see here are the result of months of brainstorming, conversation, and reflection. Every week, members of our team met four times -- one for each issue -- and, every two weeks, we brought our progress for commentary company-wide. There were Miro boards and email chains. It was important to us to reflect principles of governance in this process. Every staff member had his or her own unique commitments to justice and equity, and as we decided how to group our energies as Able City, it was exciting to recognize our drive for change at the individual as well as the collective level.

The other principle of governance is accountability, and making these commitments public-facing. This site serves an interface to represent our goals and progress in real-time. We hope you can read our commitments and follow what we're doing. Follow along with how we're with you, our community. Let's meet the moment.